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Your puppy's development into becoming a well-adjusted part of society and a great companion depend on the type of socialization and training opportunities you give your puppy from that very first day on. Socialization is safe exposure to new people, animals, environments, smells and noises. The most important time frame to socialize your puppy is from 3 weeks to 18 weeks. The younger they are the more accepting of new situations and experiences they will be. As they age, they will naturally become more cautious of new things and socialization will become more difficult. This class is for dogs under 6 months of age.

Our puppy class is designed to expose your puppy to new people, dogs, environments, smells and noises in a safe and stress-free manner. Your puppy will learn to welcome new things with a happy and confident attitude instead of being fearful and stressed.

Our puppy class also offers behavior shaping, which is designed to shape positive behaviors. We will teach you how to shape your puppy's negative behavior into positive behavior. For example, if your puppy jumps up so that you will pet them, we will teach you how to replace that negative behavior with a positive one like sitting for petting and attention.

This class will also cover crate training, house breaking, loose lead walking, sit, down and come. Your puppy is required to have their second set of vaccines and be clear of parasite to start this class. Puppy Socialization and Behavior Shaping Class is a 6 week class held for 45 minutes each week. Your Puppy will also receive its AKC S.T.A.R Puppy Award if it meets the criteria after attend 6 puppy classes.

6 Week Puppy Socialization and Behavior Shaping Class- $150.00

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