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Class Schedule

Starting Date: Wednesday May 1st 2013

6:00 pm- Puppy Socialization

6:45 pm- Basic Obedience

Start Date: Saturday May 4th 2013

10:00 am- Basic Obedience

10:45 am- Puppy Socialization

 Puppy Socialization Class

 If your puppy understands and learns what is expected of them from the beginning you won*t have to go back and fix problem behaviors later!

Socialization is very important to your puppy*s development. In this class, your puppy will get to socialize and interact with other people and dogs making them happy, well adjusted pets!

Through positive motivation and consistency we will teach you how to shape your puppy*s behavior to eliminate the negative and bring out more of the positive! (6 Week Class) 

 Basic Obedience Group Class

Group class is great for you and your dog to learn to work

together in the presence of many other distractions. Using

positive and negative motivation you will teach your dog to

sit, down, stay, walk on a loose leash and to sit while being

petted by a stranger! (8 Week Class)  

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