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Dog Training That Works!!

Dogs can add so much enjoyment to life, but if your dog is unruly it can quickly make life more stressful and chaotic.

Imagine coming home to a dog that sits by the door and waits patiently to be petted instead of knocking you over when you open the door. We can make that a reality!

We offer a variety of different dog training services including Private Lessons, Group Obedience Class, Day Training with Socialization and Training Camps.

Each of our dog training programs or packages are designed to meet your needs and will make your dog an enjoyable part of the family!

We are conveniently located between Winchester, Virginia and Hagerstown, Maryland in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.

Group Obedience Class

Join class and train your dog yourself in a friendly group environment!

Training Camp

Don't have time to do it yourself, enroll your dog in one of our Training Camps!

Private Lessons

Want to work on individual issues or get one on one guidance from a Master Dog Trainer.

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